The information on these pages is intended to help guide you through the course registration process. The Advising Team is here to help you navigate this process so please be sure to contact your academic advisor with any questions.

Course Planning

Course Suffixes

Courses that have a .000 suffix (e.g., MBA 522.001) are taught on Main campus; courses that have a .600 suffix (e.g., MBA 522.601) are taught at RTP or are Online courses.


Once you have registered for your classes, be sure to check MyPack Portal for your tuition bill. Tuition bills go out electronically and must be paid by the due date indicated on your bill. Please pay all tuition and fees on time otherwise, your course schedule will be canceled. If you register during late registration you will be assessed a late fee in addition to your tuition, and your tuition and fees must be paid in advance of registering. For those of you who receive tuition reimbursement from your employers, that reimbursement is now considered taxable income.

Tuition and fees information is available on the university Cashier’s Office website.

Understanding Tuition

There are different tuition structures between Main campus and RTP/Online. Main campus tuition is based upon BANDS of credit hours. You pay one rate for 3 to 5 hours, a higher rate for 6 to 8 hours and a still higher rate for 9 or more.

Because RTP is off-campus, it is considered a “distance” program and therefore falls under the tuition structure for Distance Education. The Online program also falls under the tuition structure for Distance Education. RTP/Online tuition is charged upon ACTUAL credit hours.


  • Billing is completely separate for Main campus vs. Distance Education
  • Example; If you take 6 hours on Main Campus and 1 hour at RTP/Online you get two separate bills.