Fall 15 Registration Information

Fall 2015 Registration Information

The Fall 2015 course schedule is now available. Click here to access the Fall 2015 Course Schedule spreadsheet.

Key dates

  • Registration for Fall 2015 through MyPack portal opens on March 18, 2015.
  • Fall 2015 classes start Wednesday, August 19, 2015 and the last day of class will be Friday, Dec. 4.
  • Final examinations will be held Tuesday, Dec. 8 through Wednesday, December 6.
  • Last day to add a course in MyPack Portal or through the MBA office – September 1, 2015.
  • Please refer to the NC State Academic Calendar for important dates, including add/drop dates.

Late Fees
Students must register by university-mandated deadline dates or pay late fees. Deadlines and late fees are enforced by the university and not the MBA program. Students registering late must prepay tuition and late fees with the Cashier’s Office and resolve the prepay hold before they can register.

Students registering after Census/Enrollment date will also be required to pay an additional university late fee. Please see MBA office for late registration during this time.

Fall 2015 – One Credit Hour Courses

One hour courses for Fall 2015 are listed here. One hour classes will follow the academic calendar for semester drop/add dates. Drop/add dates and tuition payment/refund for one-hour courses will adhere to the University policy. The last day that you can receive tuition adjustment for a one credit hour class in the Fall semester is Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2015. Please check your calendar carefully when registering for these courses.

Fall 2015 – Online Course Offerings

There will be limited number of “seats” within the fall courses of the Online MBA program which will be made available to Professional Evening MBA students. Total enrollment is capped and enrollment of Professional Evening MBA’s will be based on a first-come, first served basis.

Go to MyPack Portal to review the registration process and to see how the MBA courses are listed with the University. You may notice that there are some differences compared to the attached course schedules. If information is missing (such as classrooms, course dates, and course times), please refer to the Fall 2015 course schedule spreadsheet.

Continuous Registration and Graduation

For students intending to graduate in December 2015: In keeping with the continuous registration policy, you either must be registered or on an approved leave of absence every fall and spring semester (this policy does not apply to the summer); otherwise, the Graduate School will terminate your graduate program. If you intend to take a leave of absence, please contact your academic advisor.

Students intending to graduate in December 2015 must register and complete at least one Fall 2015 MBA credit hour, complete the total hours required (39 for professional and online, and 55 for full-time), and fulfill their concentration requirements if applicable.

Course Suffixes

Courses that have a .000 suffix (e.g., MBA 522.001) are taught on main campus; courses that have a .600 suffix (e.g., MBA 522.601) are taught at RTP or are online courses.  Effective Fall 2012, tuition is based on student classification and not section number.  With the exception of one hour courses and practica, courses will no longer have dual section numbers for the same location.