Fall 2018 Advising and Registration Information

This page will provide you with important information, deadlines, and procedures for advising and registering for your Fall 2018 courses. Please read over the content carefully and contact your advisor with any questions.

Fall 2018 Registration Information

All students will register for classes through MyPack Portal. Check the key dates below for when access opens up and closes for registration. Please consult the MyPack Portal Enrollment Guide for assistance.

Key Dates

Fall 2018 Registration Begins: March 21st at 8am

Late registration Begins: July 18th, 2018

Fall 2018 Tuition Due: TBD

Fall 2018 Census Date: September 5, 2018 (Last day to add or drop a class with tuition refunds)

Please refer to the academic calendar and enrollment calendar for more information about drop/add dates and other important semester and registration dates.

Late Registration

Students must register by University-mandated deadline dates or pay late fees. Deadlines and late fees are enforced by the University and not the MBA program.

Returning students who register after the late registration date will be required to pre-pay for their projected course enrollment before registration can happen. Students will also be assessed a $100 non-refundable late enrollment fee. (This excludes new incoming MBA students)

During late registration after Census Date, students will be assessed a $250 non-refundable late enrollment fee in addition to the required pre-payment.

Fall 2018 Course Schedule

Courses Offered

The course offerings for Fall 2018 are now available in MyPack Portal. While we do all that we can to minimize changes, there could be changes due to room scheduling or instructor availability. 

Click here for the MBA Fall 2018 Schedule.

You may notice that there are some differences between the MBA course spreadsheet and what you see in MyPack Portal. If information is missing (such as classrooms, course dates, and course times), refer to MBA Fall 2018 Schedule for that information.

One-Hour Courses

Click here for information regarding the Fall 2018 one-hour course offerings.

One-hour courses will follow university-mandated drop dates for the semester. Drop/add dates and tuition payment/refund for one-hour classes will be the same as three credit hour classes that meet for the whole semester. Please check your calendar carefully when registering for these courses and finalize all schedules before Census Date.

Course Restrictions and Program Blending

Many courses are restricted by section for MBA students in a certain curriculum code. With the ability for students to blend, many classes are open to to a variety of MBA curriculum codes; however, there are a limited number of seats available for blending so as to ensure that students in that format have priority to register for the classes that they need. The limited number of blended seats are first come first register so enroll early if you would like to take a class outside of your curriculum code. Please consult the MBA course schedule for details pertaining to course restrictions and reserved seats.

Fall 2018 Advising Information

Advising Holds

All students have an advising hold on their account that will be released by their advisor once they have completed the necessary steps.

To have your advising hold released:

>If notified of other requirements by the Student and Academic Engagement Staff, pease complete those actions.

>Strongly advise you to attend either a group or individual advising session.

Please contact your advisor for questions if your hold is not lifted by the time of your registration window opens.