Student Policies and Procedures

As a Jenkins MBA student, you are responsible for familiarizing yourself with the Policies and Procedures governing the program. These are subject to change, and the MBA program staff will notify you of any significant changes.

Graduate Student Lounge

The Graduate Student Lounge area consists of multiple spaces for graduate student use including the MBA Lounge, commons area, breakout rooms, and lockers. For security reasons, the Lounge should be locked at all times. Codes for the doors to the common space and the MBA lounge are provided in your orientation materials.

If you are interested in using a locker, you will need to supply your own lock and contact the MBA office to be assigned a locker. Lockers are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Breakout rooms should be used for group meetings, study sessions, and language tutoring only. Due to limited space, breakout rooms should not be used for individual study. If you are an individual in a breakout room, you may be asked to leave if a group requires the space.

MBA Teams

MBA teams are expected to function cohesively and cooperatively with each member contributing his or her best. Teams should draw on individual member’s strengths, and members should share equally to accomplish goals to which all are committed. Individual team members are expected to:

  • participate in all aspects of each project
  • attend all team meetings and participate fully
  • complete agreed upon assignments by specified deadlines
  • communicate with and give feedback to team members regularly regarding group work, individual assignments, group and individual challenges and struggles, team successes
  • interact with each other with respect and regard

When an MBA student fails to meet these standards, the following steps will be taken:

1.    The team will meet with the student, review behaviors that do not meet the above expectations, resolve any misunderstandings or miscommunication, and develop a performance improvement plan. A summary of the meeting and the plan will be filed with the MBA director of student and academic engagement and the course instructor, when appropriate.

2.    If the student continues to fail to meet expectations, the team will contact the director of student and academic engagement for the MBA program. The director will meet with the team (and individual members as warranted) and make a determination whether the student has made a good faith effort to follow the performance improvement plan.

a) If it is determined that the student has not made a good faith effort to improve, the student will be dropped from the team and will have to find another team (or in the case of a non-core course, the student has the option of doing all assignments as a team of one if the instructor is willing to do this).

b) If it is determined that the student is making a good faith effort to improve, the team will be asked to give the student one last chance. If performance issues continue to persist, the team will document them and inform the MBA office. The office will review the case and take the appropriate corrective action, including dismissal from the team.

3.    If a student who has been previously dropped from a team faces similar nonperformance issues with another team in some future semester or course, then the program reserves the right to terminate the student from the MBA program. This would be done only after following steps (1) and (2) above with the new team.

Student teams should be proactive in dealing with extreme cases of nonperformance. For instance if a team member has contributed absolutely nothing to a major assignment (and this can be documented), the team has the right to remove the nonperforming student’s name from the assignment when it is submitted.

Career Management Center

In order to best guide students toward their career goals, the Career Management Center maintains two very important policies for current students: Jenkins CMC No Show Policy and Jenkins CMC Renege Policy. Please familiarize yourself with these policies.