2020 NC State Grand Business Challenge

The NC State Jenkins MBA program welcomes you to the NC State Grand Business Challenge with a focus on the future of IT and Business Operations.

The Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is a highly competitive market where the development of one product can take many years and cost billions of dollars.

The lifecycle of a compound is critical to the survival of pharmaceutical organizations. It consists of discovering, performing trials, getting approvals, and ultimately obtaining a patent. It is hard to manage this lifecycle by itself, but consider for a moment an environment with people, organizations, and countries constantly testing your resolve. Whether it is malicious intent, theft, or “just because,” the reality is that these situations threaten the business every day.

The NC State Grand Business Challenge introduces MBA students to this industry and presents an opportunity to gain exposure and insight into real-world business challenges, all while evaluating how they react under pressure.

The Competition

A set of case challenges are created to tackle the business side of these obstacles and we want your MBA program to put its best 4-person team forward to represent your school and showcase its perspective on these challenges.

A facilitator will observe and judge the student teams to gain a new outlook on how the company should internally be thinking about challenges and innovation management.

Students do not need to be experts in healthcare, IT, or the security sector in order to compete. The facilitator will release high-level challenge information in advance of the event, thereby allowing each challenge team the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the material.

The 2020 NC State Grand Business Challenge will be held on February 20-22, 2020 on the campus of NC State University. Additional details will be posted when available.

Note: This competition is only open to full-time MBA students.  Additionally, practicing physicians are not eligible to participate in the competition and/or attend the event.