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BSC Career Speaker Series Recap: Darius Rountree

This post was originally published in Business Sustainability Collaborative.

Our director and Associate Professor of the Practice, Jessica Yinka Thomas, recently welcomed an enthusiastic audience to yet another enlightening BSC Career Speaker Series session. This installment focused on the vital intersection of career development and sustainability in the business world. Darius Rountree, an esteemed alum from the NC State Jenkins MBA program, took center stage to share his enriching journey as the Manager of Member Support at Guild Education, a distinguished certified B Corp.

Darius Rountree’s discourse delved into multifaceted aspects of career development and sustainability, shedding light on the significance of employee engagement, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategies, and corporate partnerships in fostering a thriving business ecosystem. Here’s a recap of the insightful discussion:

Career Trajectory and Purpose-driven Work: Darius’ narrative unfolded from his undergraduate days to his pivotal time in the Jenkins MBA program, culminating in his current role at Guild Education. Transitioning from a background in criminal justice to operational work and eventually to leading a B Corp, Rountree epitomizes the pursuit of purpose-driven work aligned with personal values.

Guild Education’s Sustainable Corporate Partnerships: Guild Education stands out as a beacon of sustainability and corporate responsibility, exemplified through its partnerships with Fortune 500 companies. By offering low-cost education opportunities to employees, Guild not only advances individual careers but also fosters organizational growth and innovation.

Employee Engagement and Diversity Initiatives: Rountree underscored the paramount importance of fostering employee engagement and implementing robust diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies. At Guild, initiatives like structured hiring processes and employee resource groups underscore the commitment to creating an inclusive work environment that fuels creativity and innovation.

Leadership Skills and Networking: The conversation extended to the cultivation of leadership skills and the pivotal role of networking in career advancement. Rountree’s insights from his leadership certificate in the Jenkins MBA program and experience in courses like Women as Leaders and Leading Teams gave him the practical leadership training that he is able to apply to his current role at Guild.

Mentorship and Experiential Learning: Lastly, Rountree emphasized the invaluable role of mentors and alumni in offering support and networking opportunities to students. Through mentorship and experiential learning, individuals can harness their full potential and chart a meaningful career trajectory.

In essence, Darius Rountree’s illuminating session encapsulated the essence of career development intertwined with sustainability in the modern business landscape. His journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of purpose-driven work and the profound impact of sustainable business practices. As the BSC career speaker series continues to inspire future changemakers, Rountree’s insights will undoubtedly resonate as a guiding beacon for aspiring professionals seeking to make a positive difference in the world of business.