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Learn how MBA student Anna Fabry leveraged her MBA for a promotion within her own company while she was still in graduate school.

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Andrew Bowker, Full-Time
Graduation Year: 2019
Position: Offering Manager
Company: IBM

That’s a wrap for our German Wolfpack! Our 18 professional and full-time graduate students are each finding their way back to the US after this week’s visits to some of Munich’s top companies, attractions, and Biergartens🍻.

Thank you to Professor Bohlmann, our expert guide, Michael, the wonderful Ubahn (🚈), and the state of Bavaria for showing us so much beauty. Servus! 🇩🇪🥨

Wanting more info? Check out @packabroadbaton for more pics from the week.
“Traveling abroad like this changes your perspective to different people, cultures, and businesses. This week was transformational for me and I’ve got so much to take back home and apply. It was critical to see the innovation from local incubators like WERK1 and MUST and within large multination organizations like Siemens and Fujitsu.” -Brent Hui, MBA Student
“I’ve been impressed by the level of innovation being driven out of the city of Munich.  The German based companies are focused on solving complex global business problems, while leveraging new technologies, and optimizing a diverse talent pool.” -Casey Brannigan, MBA Student
“Cultural experiences like this help accelerate my learning and pushes me to be more innovative at home. This trip to Munich has far exceeded my expectations. I’ve been able to grow my network, learned a lot about innovation, make new friends, and of course, eat amazing food!” Jamison Taylor, MBA Student
“I’ve learned just as much from the culture as the companies. The trip has exceeded expectations, for sure. Munich feels like a small NYC; an innovative hub for Germany with new thoughts, process, and exciting culture attracting employees as a gateway to the country. There is a lot more here than what we have time for!” -Christa Langenburg, MMA Student
This trip to Munich has resulted in the most learning and fun of anything in the MBA program for me so far. We’ve got an awesome group of people on the trip and the companies and tour guides have been welcoming and engaged. It’s been an unforgettable experience! -Zach Sandler, MBA Student
I wanted to see the work culture outside of the US and get out of my comfort zone, which has traditionally been family and friends. So far, I’ve learned a lot regarding crowd sourcing solutions and how impactful it can be for businesses to cultivate innovative ideas. -Vandana Jindal, MBA Student
“This city and the people are amazing! Learning about innovation in Munich and from the diverse companies we’ve visited first-hand has given me a greater appreciation for the implementation of marketing practices and innovative strategies.” -Kelli Johnson, MMA Student
“It’s been really interesting to see the impact of how supply chain issues can impact and even force innovation. What’s happening to many of these companies since the pandemic started pressured them to be flexible for the future, while also speeding up their evolution and also spurring on needed change.” -Anna Fabry, MBA Student
“It’s been surprising to see how much German industries are utilizing natural resources; wind, solar, water, and even thermal energies are helping them become sustainable. This year, the country has a deadline to get rid of their nuclear power and BMW has a goal to reduce their emissions 50% by 2030. They’re very serious about what the future looks like.” -Kyle Lucas, MMA Student
“I’m seeing today, that one failure in the chain creates a cascade effect and it disrupts the whole process. Every part in the supply chain, the manufacturing, and the team is very critical for the end product. There is no weakest link. You can take those parallels, those lessons back to any industry at home.” -Jordan Hjelmquist, MBA Student
“I think innovation begins by looking at the past and imagining the future and it seems that nothing illustrates and symbolizes this better than transportation.  The Transportation Museum of Munich provides inspiration to move humanity from the present into a better future.” -Corey Brueggeman, MBA Student
“Sustainability seems to be a big recurring theme with the city and the companies. This is very different than home. It feels like there’s more purpose and intention with being environmentally conscious with these groups as well.” -Melissa Cromer, MBA Student
“I thought I knew a lot about Germany but I didn’t realize there were so many influences of other countries and cultures in Munich; Italian, Roman, and Greek. I’m being surprised to find out how little I know by being here.” -Elizabeth Prince, MBA Student
“I love to travel. Since everything has been online, with this trip, you can get new insights and perspectives from other students on this trip. Especially in a different city, with different people and cultures coming together, that’s not something you get to see everyday.” -Brandon Frederick, MBA Student
"I joined this program because every travel experience gives you some type of learning. It may not only be about "Innovation and Marketing" (the course), but more. There are 18 students and none of us knew each other but now we learn the culture and course together." -Swapna Sasikumar, MBA Student
“It’s only been a few days, but I can’t stop seeing the parallels between Germany and North Carolina; ongoing pandemic recovery, a strong agriculture industry mixed with powerful cities, and the everlasting balance of keeping tradition while pushing innovation. It’s like this place is that neighbor you’ve never met before, but found out you’ve got so much in common with once you finally stop and talk with. And then it’s strange to think how this version of Germany is younger than I am, but still so rich in history, catastrophe, and culture.” -Cody Charland, MBA Student
“I’m most excited about the new people and the new companies we’re meeting this week. This is the first trip to Munich in about three years and so much has changed. It will be interesting to see what’s happening now and what we can learn over the next few days.” - @ncstatepoole Professor Jon Bohlmann
"I came along to see different cultures and see how innovation is happening across the globe. I'm looking forward to seeing new ideas and bringing them back home. This program has been entirely online for me and I'm really excited to finally spend time with the other MBA students." -Jessica Drummond, MBA Student
Our study abroad students made a return to Munich today after a two-year absence for “Marketing and Innovation Systems” with Professor Jon Bohlmann.

18 MBA students over the next week will visit companies like BMW, Fujitsu, and Siemens, meeting local innovators and leaders, and with a full immersion into Bavarian culture. 

We’ll be sharing the stories of trip participants over the next week to highlight an unforgettable trip to one of Germany’s largest cities. Servus!