Innovation Management

The future of breakthrough ideas and technology is dependent on building and sustaining innovative and creative organizations. Interdisciplinary, cross-functional collaboration and teamwork are at the core of these organizations. Creating cost-effective manufacturing, attractive design, superior function and value are primary challenges for innovation management. A successful idea requires many minds in many disciplines. Effective management is a key driver of this success.


The NC State Jenkins MBA Program’s Innovation Management curriculum utilizes its network both on and off campus to give you practical product development experience from inception to completion. This concentration is team-taught with faculty from NC State’s Colleges of Engineering, Management, and Textiles. Along with our network of multinational innovators, we provide you with the integrated skills and perspectives necessary to conceive, create, launch, and manage innovation as part of a cross-functional team.

This broad concentration is ideal for students interested in a project and product management. Students will learn to play roles in the development process, understand market needs, how to drive market needs into innovative ideas, concepts, commercialization and launch.

The Center for Innovation Management Studies (CIMS), a global, virtual research center focused on how to manage innovation, is dedicated to supporting students.


The Innovation Management curriculum teaches students how to study customer needs and develop products for the marketplace with a strong interdisciplinary perspective. This approach creates products that are cost-effective to manufacture, appealing in design and functionality, and valuable to consumers.

Full-time MBA Concentration

Required Courses
MBA 555: Product Design and Development (4) *P
MBA 536: Experience Innovation and Strategic Design (3)
Elective Courses (select two of the following)
MBA 554: Project Management (3)
MBA 561: Consumer Behavior (3)
MBA 562: Methods in Marketing Research (3)
MBA 563: Product and Brand Management (3)

Practicum courses are marked with *P

Marketing Concentration Overlap:

If a full-time student wishes to dual concentrate in Innovation Management and Marketing, a maximum of 6 hours may double count.

Professional MBA Depth Area

Suggested Electives
MBA 536: Experience Innovation and Strategic Design (3)
MBA 554: Project Management (3)
MBA 562: Methods in Marketing Research (3)
MBA 563: Product and Brand Management (3)
MBA 590: Consumer Behavior (3)
Suggested Practicum
MBA 555: Product Design and Development (4)

Product Innovation Lab

In the Integrated Product Development Lab, MBA 555 Product Design & Development, you will put your knowledge to practice as you work with companies on real projects.

This is a team-taught, project based, multidisciplinary course that crosses traditional functional boundaries. Students will learn and utilize an integrated approach to new product development in the context of corporate-sponsored development projects. Through an intensive team experience, students will formulate, evaluate, and design a new product/service. Students will learn to coordinate multiple, interdisciplinary tasks in order to achieve a common objective in an action-oriented business setting. Students will learn and use current methods in marketing, manufacturing planning, product costing, industrial design, and engineering to develop physical product prototypes and product launch strategies.

In the course registration system, the Innovation Lab is now called “MBA 555: Product Design and Development.”