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Value of a Jenkins MBA

See why a Jenkins MBA is one of the smartest investments around for today's professionals.

I chose the Jenkins MBA program because it was considered a great value and return on investment, and has lived up to its promise ever since.

Debanjan Ghosh

Debanjan Ghosh

Senior Manager, IT Vendor Relations
American Airlines

Get inspired by the stories of six Jenkins MBA alumni as they delve into how their MBA experience continues to yield substantial returns.

Short-Term ROI

Our MBA program is designed to provide an immediate boost to your career. You’ll gain practical skills, expand your network, and enhance your marketability. Many of our graduates report significant salary increases and promotions during or shortly after completing the program.

Long-Term ROI

The long-term ROI of our MBA degree goes beyond monetary and immediate gains, encompassing personal and professional growth that can lead to a more fulfilling and purposeful career.

As you progress in your career, your NC State MBA will continue to pay dividends. Our alumni often cite personal and professional transformation, finding fulfilling careers, and gaining confidence and adaptability as lifelong benefits.

Inspirational Journeys

Our MBA program draws a diverse cohort of students and alumni, encompassing a spectrum of backgrounds, from seasoned professionals in various business domains to enthusiastic early-career individuals looking to make their mark in the world of business. Explore their stories:

The Strength of the Pack

The connections that are formed during the pursuit of the degree form a professional network that serves MBA graduates throughout their careers. The network of Jenkins alumni extends through Fortune 100 companies and high-tech startups, throughout North Carolina, across the United States, and throughout the globe. The strength of the wolf is indeed the strength of the Pack!

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