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Customize Your Program

A Jenkins MBA provides flexibility and customization options to meet your unique goals.

Built For You, By You

As a Jenkins MBA student, you can tailor your program experience based on your unique needs.

Want to specialize in marketing? Add a marketing certificate to your plan of study. Want to broaden your horizons? Earn course credit while taking your next leadership class in Prague.

No matter your interests and goals, we have the options to help you maximize your student experience.

Explore all the ways to customize your program below.

Empowering Education Through Customizable Programs

We offer you the flexibility to tailor your MBA experience to specific career goals, allowing for a targeted and personalized learning experience. This adaptability will enable you to acquire a diverse skill set and specialized knowledge that aligns closely with your professional aspirations, enhancing your competitiveness in the dynamic business landscape.
Complete your MBA your way.

How Customizing Your Program Benefits You

Relevance to Career Goals

By customizing your MBA program, you have the opportunity to align your coursework with your specific career goals. Tailoring your studies to focus on areas such as finance, marketing, entrepreneurship or other specializations can provide you with in-depth knowledge and skills directly applicable to your desired industry or role.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Customizable MBA programs offer flexibility in choosing the format, pace and content of your education. This flexibility can be especially valuable if you are working while pursuing your MBA or if you have specific time constraints. It allows you to adapt your studies to fit your lifestyle and professional commitments.

Competitive Edge in the Job Market

Employers often value candidates with a unique skill set and specialized knowledge. Customizing your MBA allows you to differentiate yourself in the job market by acquiring expertise in specific areas that are in high demand. This can enhance your competitiveness and increase your attractiveness to employers seeking candidates with a tailored skill set.

The opportunity to apply for, and eventually be accepted to, the McLauchlan Leadership Series – is ultimately what sold me.

Chelsea Lassen headshot

Chelsea Lassen ’23

Marketing/Creative Director, HiViz LED Lighting

MBA Supply Chain Student Advances Career With Tailor-Made Program

For Kayes Mahmud, the ability to pursue a supply chain concentration and business analytics certificate aligned perfectly with his career goals — and, along with the STEM designation and affordability, is ultimately why he decided to pursue the Jenkins MBA program.