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Career Services

Our students vary in experience, culture and background but share a common goal—they want to grow or advance their careers.

That's where we come in.  

About the Career Center

The Poole College of Management Career Center provides education, resources and coaching to support leadership development, job search and career advancement.

Our team of career coaches works one-on-one with each MBA student to:

  • Build an individualized career management plan
  • Build a brand and develop marketing documents
  • Identify target industries and employers or entrepreneurial endeavors
  • Guide networking, interviewing and negotiating with advocates

Thanks to the Career Center’s relationships with corporate partners, students get direct access to future employers at formal and informal events, providing optimal value to employers and MBA students alike.

Career Center Services

Students regularly attend scheduled 1:1 sessions with our career coaches throughout the academic year. During these sessions, topics of coaching range from personal branding to interview preparation to salary negotiation, ensuring you begin to build your ideal career. We also host regular drop-in office hours.

The Career Center offers several mentorship programs, including the one designed for students from underrepresented backgrounds. The program that matches Jenkins alumni and business partners with MBA, MMA, and MRA students to assist with career guidance, networking, leadership development, and industry and job information.  The CMP is designed to support one-on-one mentorships for a five month period in the spring.  Students will increase their understanding regarding:

  • Navigating new career paths
  • Identifying areas of job growth and demand
  • Enhancing leadership skills
  • Expanding professional networks

We are excited to support five MBA experiences:

  1. Underrepresented minority students
  2. International students
  3. Military (active duty/veterans/reserve)
  4. Jenkins Graduate Women
  5. LGBTQ+ students

Zoominars are structured learning content virtual sessions facilitated by Poole College of Management Career Center staff. Previous topics included:

  • How to Switch Careers or Industries
  • What I Do I Want to Do When I Grow Up {With this MBA}
  • How to Negotiate Your Worth to Maximize Your Compensation
  • Best Practices for Writing a Mid-Career Résumé
  • Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile to Promote Your Expertise and Build Credibility
  • Turn Your Manager into Your Biggest Advocate

These are monthly Friday morning webinars facilitated by outside guests focused on “success at work” issues. Facilitated by guest consultants and practitioners. Previous topics included:

  • How to Tell Your Career Story
  • Communicate with Authenticity: Frame and Communicate Your Messages to Promote Trust and Enhance Performance
  • Workplace Issues for Women [Lead Without Fear]
  • Inside the Mind of an Executive Search Recruiter

The Career Center hosts Saturday virtual boot camps for the convenience of online MBA students. These boot camps are either half or full days. These are experiential so that students can share their experiences and practice concepts. Topics are relevant for career accelerators, career changers, and career explorers.

Before their first semester, internship-seeking students (mainly from the Full-Time MBA program) complete a summer assignment that prepares them for an effective internship search. Components include pre-recorded interactive materials, self-assessments like CareerLeader and pre-MBA Bootcamps.

The CMC maintains a library of high-quality, pre-recorded materials covering topics such as how to maximize your internship experience. We also provide you with online research tools such as Career Insider by Vault and the NC State Libraries’ Databases. Finally, we maintain a career management database to house all information about internships, recruiting events and jobs.

The CMC works directly with the MBA Student Association leadership and sector-related clubs to plan events such as company tours, career treks, industry events and corporate panels.

Online students who wish to make an external career transition can take advantage of our numerous resources and events such as:

  • Online job listings
  • Resume database for recruiters
  • On-campus recruiting events
  • National diversity conferences and university-hosted career fairs
  • Jenkins MBA-sponsored local events

Careers & Employers

Rewarding careers start with more than just finding a job. At Poole College, we take a holistic, hands-on approach to career development, ensuring that students can match their talents and goals with meaningful work in the ever-changing world of business.