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Real-World Education

At NC State, 'Think and Do' is more than just a motto — it's the foundation of our student experience.

Experiential Learning

The Jenkins MBA program takes a hands-on learning approach that immerses you in the real world and prepares you to compete in today’s global marketplace. We team up with industry leaders to provide practical experience that translates into real-life success.

The approach the Jenkins MBA program has with the ‘Think and Do’ motto allows you to find solutions to real problems companies are facing today. It is a key component and differentiator of the program.

Jose Castillo

Jose Castillo ’19

Senior VP of Health Analytics
Alera Health

Practicum Courses

Our students work with hundreds of industry partners on practicum projects that directly impact the marketplace, allowing them to graduate with the confidence that comes from proven experience.

Practicum courses span all business functions, including key areas of relevance like sustainability and entrepreneurship. Some of our practicum courses include:

  • MBA 519 Enterprise Risk Management Practicum
  • MBA 549  Supply Chain Management Practicum
  • MBA 559  Business Analytics Practicum
  • MBA 579 Entrepreneurship Clinic Practicum
  • MBA 582: Sustainability in Business Practicum
  • MBA 589 Jenkins Consulting Practicum

Centers and Initiatives

Poole College’s Centers and Initiatives bring together students, researchers and industry practitioners to elevate the success of everyone involved.

NCSU, Jenkins, Business Analytics Roundtable

Finding the Right Fit

David Catron ’18 talks about how Jenkins’ hands-on approach won him over in his search for a top MBA program in North Carolina.


Meet MBA Faculty

Our faculty create high-impact learning opportunities for students that prepare them for success, wherever they land. The real-world experience of Poole’s professors helps make it happen.

You can read a textbook and ace your exams, gleaning plenty of theoretical knowledge, but course consulting projects with organizations is where you gain invaluable hands-on experience and learn to apply the knowledge gained in the classroom.

Paul Mulvey

Distinguished Professor of Human Resource Management