Supply Chain Management

Today’s supply chain management industry requires professionals who can integrate and optimize all the steps required to produce the right amount of the right product or service and deliver it to the end user at the right time. The interdisciplinary role of supply chain management spans logistics, distribution, purchasing, manufacturing, inventory management, marketing, and product development. It involves diverse skills and knowledge, along with multicultural and global perspectives.


Working in multidisciplinary teams, students develop in-depth knowledge of the entire flow of the end-to-end supply chain, from raw materials to finished products, with a special emphasis on information and supply flow throughout the process. Students develop the skills needed to write effective management reports, manage teams of workers, and make persuasive management presentations.

Supply Chain Management’s Focus:

  • Collaboration and Strategy Execution
  • Assessment and Performance measurement
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Logistics and Operations
  • Relationship Management
  • Purchasing and Outsourcing
  • Global Procurement

This curriculum is supported by the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative (SCRC), an industry-university partnership that represents a broad spectrum of industries dedicated to the development of future supply chain professionals. This partnership provides our faculty and students with an opportunity to work with professional supply chain managers at all levels of responsibility, tackling real industry situations through structured team projects. It also serves the member companies by providing applied research and knowledge to help them achieve supply chain excellence.


Full-time MBA Concentration

MBA 549: Supply Chain Practicum (3) *P
Electives (Select three from the following)
MBA 541: Supply Management (3)
MBA 542: Supply Chain Logistics (3)
MBA 543: Planning and Control Systems (3)
MBA 545: Decision Making Under Uncertainty (formerly MBA 590: Decision Modeling and Analytics) (3)
MBA 553: Business Process Design and Analysis (3)

Practicum courses are marked with *P

Professional MBA Area of Emphasis

MBA 541: Supply Management (3)
MBA 542: Supply Chain Logistics (3)
MBA 543: Planning and Control Systems (3)
MBA 553: Business Process Design and Analysis (3)
MBA 590: Decision Modeling and Analytics (3)
MBA 549: Supply Chain Practicum (3) *P

Student Insight

Priyanka Sharma, Class of 2016, shares her experience in the Supply Chain concentration.

Supply Chain Resource Cooperative

The Supply Chain Resource Cooperative (SCRC) provides resources to support the efforts of students, faculty, and professionals with focused, concise, and unbiased information on supply chain management topics. Supply chain professionals focus on improving performance of their company supply chains and help define student projects that will improve their supply chain processes. As our students and faculty research and document emerging issues, they disseminate this knowledge to our participating companies for the advancement of the industry.


The Supply Chain Resource Cooperative is built on ongoing interaction between students, faculty, and company participants in class projects, internships, and focused research that address real industry needs.


  • To be an information tool for busy SCM professionals
  • To cover topics of practical interest
  • To identify and report on emerging issues
  • To provide a digest of advancements in the field

Through the SCRC, valuable information is created, documented and distributed through its website, member meetings, and other industry channels to enhance and advance the practice of supply chain management in business today.

More information on the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative

SCRC Video Library

For the latest trends and strategies in logistics and supply chain management, visit the SCRC video library. Researchers and industry professionals share their insight on real-world supply chain challenges.

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