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Lauren James

Program:  Full-time MBA/MIE
Graduation:  May 2015
Current title/organization: Procurement Advisor, Chevron
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Q: What drew you to the Jenkins MBA program? How did the program complement your undergrad studies (or took you in a different direction)?

A. The dual masters program with industrial engineering and a focus in supply chain.

Q: What are some value points gained from your MBA experience and how are you applying what you’ve learned in your current role?

A: All of my decision analysis classes have been very useful in helping me drive business decisions. My student projects (as a part of the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative) were great experiences as well and I now incorporate those in my daily work. 

Q: Advice for prospective students considering the Jenkins MBA program?

A: Try to be involved in various activities and get to know your fellow classmates as they will be great resources for you in the future. Also try to get involved in the various cooperatives for supply chain, marketing, etc. to get real corporate experience.