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Nina Keidel

Program: Full-Time MBA
Graduation: May 2016
Current title/organization: Regional Supply Chain Performance and Inventory Manager, Bayer Crop Science
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Q: What’s your dream career, and how did the Jenkins MBA make it a reality?

A: The Jenkins MBA program helped me become competitive in the job market with intense coursework, professional development events, and opportunities to work on supply chain projects with corporate partners through the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative.

Q: What’s the most fun and enlightening experience you’ve had in the MBA program so far? 

A: Ken Cochran, VP of Supply Chain Development at Polo Ralph Lauren, came to speak to my MBA 541 class in the fall of 2015. He was so passionate about his work and had a ton of experience with global supply chain development, business acquisitions, and supply chain operation improvements. It was really great to see the concepts we talked about in class were key points in his work experience..