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Professional Online MBA Course Requirements

Core Requirements

MBA 501: Financial Accounting1
MBA 502: Managerial Accounting1
MBA 505: Essential Economics for Managers2
MBA 506: Data Driven Managerial Decisions I1
MBA 507: Data Driven Managerial Decisions II1
MBA 510: Critical Thinking for Managers1
MBA 512: Ethical Thinking for Managers1
MBA 520: Financial Management of Corporations2
MBA 531: Leading People 1 (Raleigh Residency)1
MBA 532: Leading People 2 (Raleigh Residency)2
MBA 540: Principles of Operations & Supply Chain Management2
MBA 560: Marketing Management and Strategy2
MBA 580: Creating Value in Organizations3
Total Core Requirement20

Other Required Courses

MBA Analytics/Quantitative Course3
MBA Practicum3
MBA Electives14
Total Program Hours40