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Career Management

The Poole College of Management Career Center (CMC) partners with students to build a lifetime of career success. Through experiential education, healthy relationships with the corporate community, resources, and coaching, Jenkins MBA students gain the practical experience, confidence, and skills to enter the marketplace with a proactive approach and innovative thinking.

About the Poole College of Management Career Center

Our students vary in experience, culture, and backgrounds but share a common goal–they want to grow or advance within their careers.  

The Poole College of Management Career Center (CMC) provides education, resources, and coaching to support leadership development, job search, and career advancement. Our team of career coaches works one-on-one with each MBA student to:

  • Build an individualized career management plan — assessing strengths and interests.
  • Build a brand and develop marketing documents.
  • Identify target industries and employers or entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • Guide networking, interviewing and negotiating with advocates.

The CMC supports approximately 700 graduate students across the Jenkins MBA programs and one-year graduate management degrees. Through relationships with corporate partners, the CMC provides students with direct access to future employers in both formal and informal events and meetups, providing optimal value to employers and MBA students alike.

Contact Us

NameEmail Phone
Bev Porter, directorbdporter@ncsu.edu919.513.0487
John Hutchings, associate directorjohn_hutchings@ncsu.edu919.515.0243
Jane Mehringer, associate directorjmehrin@ncsu.edu919.513.0426
Caren Howley, associate directorcahowley@ncsu.edu919.515.0049
Ed Kato, executive coachejkato@ncsu.edu919.971.5949
Lisa Batts, executive coachlwbatts@ncsu.edu919-413-6479
Connie Fowler, employer relations and operations managercgreavis@ncsu.edu919.513.0533