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Business Leadership Certificate

This program is designed to help you coach team members, make smart decisions, create a leadership style that’s ideal for you, and develop healthy organizational relationships that nurture and inspire employees.


Students focus on seeking embracing leadership challenges as they unfold, making sense of leadership experiences, and thriving in a dynamic business culture while leading with an ethical compass. 

NOTE: At this time, the Business Leadership certificate is only available to currently enrolled Jenkins MBA and Master of Management students.


This certificate program provides management professionals with the foundations of theory and research on leadership.

Students must complete 12 credit hours to earn a Graduate Certificate in Business Leadership, which currently includes the courses listed below.

Required Courses:

  • MBA 539 Jenkins Leadership Challenge (1 hr.)
  • Required Leadership Course-two options:
    • Option A: MBA 530 Leading People (3 hrs.)
    • Option B: MBA 531 Leading People (1 hr.) and MBA 532 Leading People 2 (2 hrs.)

Eight hours of elective courses selected from the following list:

  • MBA 512 Ethical Thinking for Managers [formerly MBA 590 Business Ethics] (1 hr.)
  • MBA 533 Negotiation & Conflict Management (3 hrs.)
  • MBA 534 Core Concepts of Human Capital Management (3 hrs.)
  • MBA 535 Leading Teams (1 hr.)
  • MBA 538 Women as Leaders (1 hr.)
  • MBA 564 Business Relationship Management (3 hrs.)
  • MBA 590 Accelerate Your Career (1 hr.)
  • MBA 590 AI and Ethics (1 hr.)
  • MBA 590 Business Relationship Management (1 hr.)
  • MBA 590 Effective Diversity Management (1 hr.)
  • MBA 590 Effective Presentations to Boards & Executives (1 hr.)
  • MBA 590 Emotional Intelligence (1 hr.)
  • MBA 590 Executing a Strategy from a Leadership Prospective (1 hr.)
  • MBA 590 Improving Performance Through Feedback and Appraisal Systems (1 hr.)
  • MBA 590 Influencing Others (1 hr.)
  • MBA 590 Technology Leadership (3 hrs.)
  • MBA 590 The Art of Creating Organizational Culture (1 hr.)
  • MBA 590 The Art and Science of Negotiation (1 hr.)
  • MBA 590 The Art and Science of Negotiation in France (study abroad) (3 hrs.)
  • MBA 590 Toxic and Destructive Leadership (1 hr.)

Eligibility Requirements

  • Students must achieve a grade of B- or better (a cumulative 3.0 GPA) to earn academic credit toward the certificate. 
  • No transfer credits or course substitutions are accepted for this program. 
  • Students must complete certification courses within four years of starting the program to count toward the certificate requirements.