Master of Accounting

Gain knowledge in the complementary fields of business and accounting.


Students who wish to pursue this dual degree will complete the MAC degree first and then the MBA degree during the 2nd year. Applications to the MBA program may be submitted while the applicant is enrolled in the MAC program.

Students will participate in the MBA Full-time Orientation in August before they start MBA courses. The requirements for the MBA Degree are listed below.

MBA Requirements

All Dual Degree students will work with an MBA Advisor on developing a plan to meet their MBA requirements.

At minimum, Dual Degree MBA/MAC students must complete 33 credit hours for the MBA program. Of those hours, 21 must be unique to the MBA Program and can not be used toward any other degree and 12 hours can be shared with the MAC requirements.

  • Core Classes: 16 Hours
    • Students will take the MBA core classes in their first year according to the typical Full-time MBA Schedule.
    • Waived Core Classes
      • MBA 501: Financial Accounting
      • MBA 502: Managerial Accounting
      • MBA 520: Managerial Finance
  • Concentration Classes: 12 Hours
    • 6 hours from MAC will be used to meet this requirement
  • MBA Electives: 10 hours
  •  Practicum
    • Can count toward hours for concentration
  • Analytics/Quantitative Course
    • Can count toward hours for concentration or elective