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Master of Management Marketing Analytics

The Master of Management, Marketing Analytics concentration (MMA) equips students with state of the art data analytic techniques that focus on leveraging meaningful data insights that increase ROI and drive growth, allowing our graduates to make an immediate impact on the workforce.


The MMA/MBA dual degree program is designed to provide our students with an opportunity to further enhance their business, marketing and analytical skills. 

Students who wish to pursue the dual degree option may complete them in either order and may share up to 12 hours of coursework between programs. Interested students may apply to the MBA program while enrolled in the MMA program or vice versa. If admitted, students will work with an advisor to map out a course plan.

Applying to the MMA and MBA Programs:

Interested students must apply to each program separately and should contact an admissions representative from both MMA and MBA. Candidates do not need to apply to both programs at the same time but both degrees must be completed within six years.


All dual degree students will work with an MBA and MMA Advisor on developing a plan to meet the requirements for each program. At a minimum, dual-degree MBA/MMA students must complete all degree requirements to include:


12 hours of MBA coursework may be shared with the MMA program with approval from MMA and MBA Advisors.

  • Core Classes: 20 Hours
  • MBA Electives: 14 Hours
  • Practicum: 3 Hours
  • Analytics/Quantitative Course: 3 hours
    Total MBA Program Hours: 40 Hours


At a minimum, dual-degree MBA/MMA students must complete 30 credit hours for the MMA program. Of those hours, 18 must be unique to the MMA program and can not be used toward any other degree, while the remaining 12 hours can be shared with the MBA program requirements.

  • Core Classes: 18 Hours
    • Shared Core Classes with MBA
      • MBA 506 (1)
      • MBA 507 (1)
      • MBA 560 (2)
  • Elective Classes: 12 Hours
    • Can Share up to 8 hours with MBA elective classes
  • Practicum
    • Can count toward hours for concentration