Master of Microbial Biotechnology

Study microbial biotechnology and management through our balanced approach, which will allow you to concentrate in either biosciences management or entrepreneurship.

"Coming from a science background, the MMB program introduced me to the basics of the biotech industry while expanding my scientific understanding. The MBA program expanded my understanding of current business trends and regulations of the biotech industry and provided a strong foundation of core business concepts. Through both programs I developed a network of professionals in each area of the industry who have been valuable connections as I have moved into the business world."
-Peter Landis, MMB/MBA 2012


MMB students have the option of entering NC State University’s Poole College of Management’s MBA program for one year after completion of the MMB program to receive their MBA with a concentration in either Biosciences Management or Entrepreneurship. The summer after completing the MMB program, students will complete their MBA Internship and then will start classes in Fall after attending MBA Orientation in August.

Interested MMB students can take the GMAT or use their GRE scores (must have been taken within 5 years of applying to the MBA program) and apply to the MBA Program, typically during the summer or fall of their second year in the MMB program.  The MBA concentration that the MMB student is interested in dictates which MBA electives the student will take in the MMB program.


MBA Requirements

All Dual Degree students will work with an MBA Advisor on developing a plan to meet their MBA requirements.

At a minimum, Dual Degree MBA/MMB students must complete all MBA degree requirements to include:

  • Core Classes: 20 Hours
    • Students will take the MBA core classes in their first year according to the typical Full-time MBA Schedule.
  • Concentration Classes: 12 Hours
  • MBA Electives: as needed and confirmed with your advisor
  • Practicum
    • Can count toward hours for concentration
  • Analytics/Quantitative Course
    • Can count toward hours for concentration or elective