Full-Time MBA Student Ambassadors

The NC State Jenkins MBA program puts a strong emphasis on fostering an environment of teamwork and camaraderie. The students below welcome you to reach out to them to learn more about the Jenkins MBA experience.

Amanda Cox

Cox Amanda (1)

Class of 2017
Hometown (city, state, country): Kerrville, TX, USA
Undergraduate Institution: Texas State University
MBA Concentration: Marketing
Why NC State’s MBA Program: Since I’m a career changer, I was really interested in going somewhere that gives you the hands-on experience necessary to be an asset in an organization. Textbook learning is okay and all, but the opportunity to get your hands dirty and gain that applicable experience is invaluable.

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Benjamin Bradley

Bradley Benjamin (1)

Class of 2017
Hometown (city, state, country): Morristown, NJ, USA
Undergraduate Institution: Rowan University
MBA Concentration: Finance
Why NC State’s MBA Program: As I went through the admissions process, I felt it was very important to find a program that had my best interests in mind and also provided a culture that I could mesh well with. Upon stepping on NC State’s campus, I knew I was in the right place. The staff and faculty I met clearly valued the MBA Program and the students within it. To the people that run the MBA Program, the students are more than just a number on a page. They all have made efforts to get to know us personally and help us chase our dreams.

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Chandan Dash

Dash Chandan (1)

Class of 2017
Hometown (city, state, country): Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
Undergraduate Institution: National Institute of Technology (Rourkela, India)
MBA Concentration: Finance, Supply Chain
Why NC State’s MBA Program: NC State has a wonderful MBA program. Its small class size is one of the biggest advantages, as you get to know your classmates and learn about their experiences. The supply chain concentration and the data analytics certification are also very reputed.

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Rudha Loganathan

Loganathan Rudhawarsh (1)

Class of 2017
Hometown (city, state, country): Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Undergraduate Institution: PSG College of Technology
MBA Concentration: Supply Chain
Why NC State’s MBA Program: When I was looking into various universities, I was interested in finding a supply chain focused program that would help me in my career. NCSU stood out with its practicum courses associated with the SCRC. NC State’s location in the triangle also provides great opportunities for internships and full-time work.

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Afrouz Fetanat


Class of 2018
Hometown (city, state, country): Shiraz, Fars, Iran
Undergraduate Institution: North Carolina State University
MBA Concentration: Innovation Management
Why NC State’s MBA Program: I have always had a passion for management and technology innovation. While I can find the management piece at any business school, the tech focus is only offered at a select few. Jenkins MBA’s partnership with industry allows me to work with high-tech companies on real-world projects while pursuing my passion.

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Anil Matha


Class of 2017
Hometown (city, state, country): Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, India
Undergraduate Institution: Andhra University
MBA Concentration: Supply Chain Management
Why NC State’s MBA Program: Jenkins MBA is a world-class business education that has the advantage of a cohesive, small, intimate learning environment that sustains preeminent learning and research opportunities.

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Anna Michaels


Class of 2017
Hometown (city, state, country): Cary, NC, USA
Undergraduate Institution: Virginia Tech
MBA Concentration: Marketing and Finance
Why NC State’s MBA Program: I chose NC State because of the variety of concentrations offered. As a career changer, the program has allowed me to explore different areas of interest. Through hands-on learning and real-word projects, I’ve discovered my niche and refined my career goals.

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Cedric Nelson-Williams


Class of 2018
Hometown (city, state, country): Hyattsville, MD, USA
Undergraduate Institution: University of Southern New Hampshire
MBA Concentration: Finance
Why NC State’s MBA Program: Jenkins MBA offered me the best return on my investment by far. I was particularly drawn to the school after my first interaction with the admissions team. As an active duty military officer, I can tell you Jenkins MBA is justifiably ranked among the top-10 MBA programs for military veterans.

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Gavin Hough


Class of 2017
Hometown (city, state, country): Holly Springs, NC, USA
Undergraduate Institution: University of Mount Olive
MBA Concentration: Supply Chain, Marketing
Why NC State’s MBA Program: I came to the Jenkins MBA Program for a few reasons. First, they are extremely Military and Veteran friendly. Second, I had a distinct interest in their concentration offering, as well as the opportunity for the Decision Analytics Certificate. Finally, the opportunity to work with companies on real world problems in the practicum offering is ideal for a career changing professional such as myself.

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Claudia Paredes Gutierrez


Class of 2018
Hometown (city, state, country): Lima, Peru
Undergraduate Institution: Pontifical Catholic University of Peru
MBA Concentration: Supply Chain
Why NC State’s MBA Program: Having graduated from the Master of Supply Chain Engineering and Management (MSCEM) program at NC State, I already have experienced the philosophy of the university: “Think and Do”. I applied the tools, concepts, and principles learned in class to real-world projects, which enable me to propose valuable recommendations. Thus, when I decided to get my MBA, NC State Jenkins MBA program was the perfect option to develop business skills with the same approach.

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Hussain Umer


Class of 2017
Hometown (city, state, country): Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
Undergraduate Institution: Institute of Business Administration
MBA Concentration: Marketing, Decision Analytics
Why NC State’s MBA Program: I chose the Jenkins MBA program because of three major reasons first of which is the flexibility that this program provides in its curriculum. Along with focusing on my core concentrations, I have gotten the opportunity to pursue certifications in Decision Analytics and SAP. The second reason is the availability of various extra-curricular opportunities that I have been a part of throughout both of my years. The final reason includes the numerous occasions when this program has provided me with opportunities to grow professionally through various networking and training sessions.

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James Hollifield


Class of 2017
Hometown (city, state, country): Lincolnton, NC, USA
Undergraduate Institution: US Coast Guard Academy
MBA Concentration: Supply Chain
Why NC State’s MBA Program: I chose NC State’s MBA program primarily because of it’s reputation in the supply chain discipline and the opportunities the program provides to work with companies solving real world supply chain issues. The smaller class size has also been a plus, giving me more one-on-one time with professors to engage on topics that I am interested in and want to learn more about.

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Jasmin Geisel


Class of 2017
Hometown (city, state, country): Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany
Undergraduate Institution: North Carolina State University, ESB Reutlingen
MBA Concentration: Supply Chain
Why NC State’s MBA Program: I chose the Jenkins MBA because of its outstanding supply chain faculty and practicum courses that offer exposure to real business problems. Raleigh’s a fun town and its proximity to RTP makes it a great place to start a new career.

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Jelyse Dawson


Class of 2018
Hometown (city, state, country): Boston, MA, USA
Undergraduate Institution: Grambling State University
MBA Concentration: Marketing, Entrepreneurship
Why NC State’s MBA Program: I came to NC State’s MBA program for its focus on technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. I own a fitness start up, and I’m confident that what I learn here will help take my business to the next level. The culture here is intimate and supportive, and its a top 30 program.

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Jyotsna Wadhawan


Class of 2017
Hometown (city, state, country): Springfield, NJ, USA
Undergraduate Institution: Rutgers University
MBA Concentration: Supply Chain, BioSciences
Why NC State’s MBA Program: While researching schools for MBA, NCSU stood out, not just because of its strong reputation but also its faculty excellence, innovative and flexible curriculum. The personalized attention you receive from the staff and their willingness to go an extra mile to help you makes NCSU very desirable! In addition, Raleigh-Durham area is home to many pharmaceutical companies and I see that as a huge window of opportunity for my future career plans.

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Kaitlyn Sutton


Class of 2017
Hometown (city, state, country): Franklin, NC, USA
Undergraduate Institution: North Carolina State University
MBA Concentration: Supply Chain
Why NC State’s MBA Program: The opportunity to gain industry experience as a Supply Chain Fellow while I pursue my degree was a big reason why I chose the Jenkins MBA program. The program differentiates itself from other MBA programs by affording students many opportunities for hands-on learning and engagement with industry.

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Kevin Tilley


Class of 2017
Hometown (city, state, country): Durham, NC, USA
Undergraduate Institution: North Carolina State University
MBA Concentration: Marketing, Finance
Why NC State’s MBA Program: I chose the Jenkins MBA program because of the value and the real experience the program offers.

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Krishnan Narayan


Class of 2017
Hometown (city, state, country): Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Undergraduate Institution: Sastra University
MBA Concentration: Supply Chain
Why NC State’s MBA Program: NC State’s MBA program affords an opportunity to develop cross functional business acumen while developing hands on learning through practicums. The school’s robust supply chain management program provides access to experienced faculty as well as great industry resources. The small class size allows me to develop personal relationships with each one of my peers, providing me with a network that I can depend on throughout my career.

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Lindsay Schilleman


Class of 2017
Hometown (city, state, country): Rhinelander, Wisconsin, USA
Undergraduate Institution: Cardinal Stritch University
MBA Concentration: Supply Chain, Finance
Why NC State’s MBA Program: The Jenkins MBA Program seemed like a great way to gain hands on experience as opposed to only learning in the classroom. I have loved my experiences working with clients in a variety of courses. I feel as though I have gained so much more than a traditional classroom education.

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Mike Vigars


Class of 2017
Hometown (city, state, country): Raleigh, NC, USA
Undergraduate Institution: Boston College
MBA Concentration: Supply Chain, Finance
Why NC State’s MBA Program: The Jenkins emphasis on real-world experiences bolstered by a strong foundation in the principles and theory brought me to the program. Every semester there are many opportunities to put into practice what students learn in the classroom in the form of case competitions, practicum projects, the B Corp and Entrepreneurship clinics, and course assignments that address real business problems.

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Niru Sanghani


Class of 2018
Hometown (city, state, country): Wilkesboro, NC, USA
Undergraduate Institution: UNC at Chapel Hill
MBA Concentration: Finance
Why NC State’s MBA Program: I had been considering business school for a while, and when I learned about the Full-Time program at Jenkins, I was immediately interested. The hands on experiences unique to Jenkins MBA, the professional connections to the program, and the opportunities available as part of a top technical university made my decision very easy.

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Rishabh Agarwal


Class of 2018
Hometown (city, state, country): Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Undergraduate Institution: R. V. College of Engineering
MBA Concentration: Marketing
Why NC State’s MBA Program: The MBA program offered at Jenkins is not the same as you would expect. It is quite different and a different experience all together. This journey would be worth the investment.

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Sarah Troxler


Class of 2018
Hometown (city, state, country): Mebane, NC, USA
Undergraduate Institution: Peace College
MBA Concentration: Innovation Management, Supply Chain
Why NC State’s MBA Program: I chose NC State because of the opportunity to work closely with my cohort and to collaborate with small businesses. I hope to own my own business in the future and NC State gives me the best opportunity to be successful.

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Stephanie White


Class of 2017
Hometown (city, state, country): Raleigh, NC, USA
Undergraduate Institution: Parsons School of Design
MBA Concentration: Supply Chain
Why NC State’s MBA Program: I chose the program for its affordability, think and do motto, quantitative emphasis, and small class size with diverse experience and interests. Also, Raleigh’s a great city!

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Kevin Weisner


Class of 2017
Hometown (city, state, country): Rocky Mount, NC, USA
Undergraduate Institution: North Carolina State University
MBA Concentration: Supply Chain
Why NC State’s MBA Program: I completed my undergraduate degree at NC State, so I knew it was a great school. I came back to get my MBA to expand my career in the supply chain field and improve my leadership skills.

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Peter Cyriac


Class of 2017
Hometown (city, state, country): Kozhikode, Kerala, India
Undergraduate Institution: National Institute of Technology – Calicut
MBA Concentration: Supply Chain, Decision Analytics
Why NC State’s MBA Program: The main reason I chose the Jenkins MBA Program was for its high ROI. Also, with a background in supply chain, I was looking for a school that had a really good supply chain program. The Jenkins MBA Program fit my requirements.

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Adam Harris


Class of 2018
Hometown (city, state, country): Bridgewater, VA, USA
Undergraduate Institution: The College of William & Mary 
MBA Concentration: Supply Chain, Marketing
Why NC State’s MBA Program: Jenkins MBA offered the perfect combination of a high return on my investment in a graduate degree, a “hands-on” curriculum steeped in practicum studies and real-world consulting opportunities, and finally a great network to tap into post-graduation.

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