Professional Online MBA Student Ambassadors

The NC State Jenkins MBA program puts a strong emphasis on fostering an environment of teamwork and camaraderie. The students below welcome you to reach out to them to learn more about the Jenkins MBA experience.

J.R. Denney

Denney J

Program Entry Date: Spring 2015
Hometown: Atlanta, GA, USA
Undergraduate Institution: Campbell University
Why NC State’s Professional Online MBA Program?
The Jenkins MBA is a military-friendly program that provides high quality education, flexible course offerings, and affordable tuition rates compared to other MBA Programs in the Triangle Area.

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Tim Gillespie

Gillespie Tim

Program Entry Date: Fall 2013
Hometown: Asheville, NC, USA
Undergraduate Institution: Western Carolina University, DMD from University of Alabama Birmingham
Why NC State’s Professional Online MBA Program?
As a practicing dentist, I need an MBA program that allows me to balance the pursuit of an advanced business degree with my practice, family, and community obligations.  NC State University has an excellent reputation as an educational institution and the online option provides me with the flexibility I need.  Plus, I have kids at NC State – what’s cooler than being in school with your kids!

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Abhishek Modak


Program Entry Date: Spring 2016
Hometown: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Undergraduate Institution: Syracuse University
Why NC State’s Professional Online MBA Program?
The main reasons I chose Jenkins was the flexibility, cost, rating and reputation of the program. The professors teaching the courses are amongst the best and most reputed in North Carolina and the style of teaching is case-based where learning is based off life business cases and lots of class interaction and feedback. The student body is also very culturally diverse, and even with the professional MBA there is lots of opportunity to network and use career services to change or advance your careers.

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Charlie Kirchoff


Program Entry Date: Spring 2016
Hometown: Clemmons, NC, USA
Undergraduate Institution: NC State
Why NC State’s Professional Online MBA Program?
The main reason I chose the Jenkins MBA Professional Online program was the rankings and national opinion of the program. To have such a high caliber program for less cost than other programs in the area shows that this program has the best value of them all. In addition to that, the flexibility of online over a traditional in-person program fit well with my work schedule and business travel.

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Jay Calvert


Program Entry Date: Fall 2015
Hometown: Erie, PA, USA
Undergraduate Institution: U.S. Naval Academy
Why NC State’s Professional Online MBA Program?
Nearing the end of my naval career in late 2014, I had a desire to prepare myself for corporate America and decided earning an MBA would be a step in the right direction. To balance priorities between work, family, and school, I needed a high quality program with an extremely flexible schedule that offered a great return on investment. The Jenkins MBA program offered exactly what I needed.

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Kimberly Moore


Program Entry Date: Fall 2015
Hometown: High Point, NC, USA
Undergraduate Institution: UNC-Charlotte
Why NC State’s Professional Online MBA Program?
I needed challenge and flexibility in a potential MBA program and NC State’s Jenkins program fit both criteria. As a top-ranked distance-learning program, it certainly offers the challenge and rigor I was seeking. However, the distance format and ability to take classes based on my schedule has made it possible for me to attend graduate school while meeting the demands of my career.

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Lauren Sutton


Program Entry Date: Spring 2016
Hometown: New York, NY, USA
Undergraduate Institution: UNC-Chapel Hill
Why NC State’s Professional Online MBA Program?
I chose the Jenkins MBA program because it is a flexible program and allows me to apply the knowledge and skills that I am learning directly to my current job.

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Rebecca Kramer


Program Entry Date: Spring 2016
Hometown: Greenville, SC, USA
Undergraduate Institution: NC State
Why NC State’s Professional Online MBA Program?
I needed a program with a lot of flexibility since I am currently living abroad with my husband and our 2 kids. The Jenkins MBA program was ranked very well and gave me the opportunity to take the classes online. It has been a great experience!

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Yuhsi Takahashi


Program Entry Date: Fall 2015
Hometown: Orizaba, Veracruz, Mexico
Undergraduate Institution: Universidad de las Americas Puebla
Why NC State’s Professional Online MBA Program?
The MBA Online program is ranked in the Top 10 nationwide. The university has a strong reputation and the program is part of it.

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