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Richard Weiland

Program: Online
Graduation: MBA 2015
Organization/Current title: Business Director, Nanocoating Applications at HZO

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Q: Why did you choose the NC State Jenkins MBA program for your graduate education?

A: Flexibility, proximity to home, cost, 21 month timeframe

Q: How did your experience in the program contribute to your professional achievements and successes?

A: The Jenkins MBA helped me to make transition from engineering to commercial/sales organization.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your time in the Jenkins MBA Program?

A: I enjoyed the collaboration with people of differing educational backgrounds, skill sets, and real world experience.

Q: What do you miss most now that you have graduated?

A: I miss talking to classmates and the social aspect of the MBA program, also just learning in general.

Q: What advice do you have for prospective Jenkins MBA students?

A: Everyone in the program has different expectations about what they are trying to get out of it. Find those like minded people to partner with for the various project based tasks and you will be much happier in the collaborative environment.

Q: What are your lasting impressions of the Jenkins MBA program?

A: I thought it was a great program, I learned a lot and was pleased with the foundational knowledge I learned and the enhancement of other soft skills that are important in the workplace.