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Full-Time Course Sequence

Students complete this AACSB-accredited MBA program at our downtown Raleigh campus in 21 months. Our core curriculum focuses on technology, research, business processes, and practical applications in a collaborative learning environment. Electives and specialized concentrations can also be chosen to meet your unique interests and career needs. Keep in mind below is just an example of what your semester could look like.

Semester 1 (fall)

MBA 610: Managerial and Career Effectiveness1
MBA 510: Critical Thinking For Managers1
MBA 501: Financial Accounting1
MBA 502: Managerial Accounting1
MBA 505: Global Economics for Managers2
MBA 506: Data Driven Managerial Decisions1
MBA 507: Data Driven Managerial Decisions1
MBA 520: Managerial Finance2
MBA 540: Production and Operations Management2
MBA 560: Marketing Management and Strategy2
Total hours for fall semester14

Semester 2 (spring)

MBA 590: Business Communication1
MBA 530: Leading People (Half Semester)3
MBA 580: Creating Value in Organizations3
Concentration/Electives (example courses)
MBA 561: Consumer Behavior3
MBA 561: Consumer Behavior3
Total hours for spring semester13

Semester 3 (fall)

Concentration and elective courses

Semester 4 (spring)

Concentration and elective courses

Total Program Hours54